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Malgova is called by the same name in all parts of India with little variations such as Malgoa or Malgoba. Malgova is a classic mango variety in South India with a rich traditional and historical references. It is predominantly grown in and around Salem, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Palakkodu, southern parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is generally big, round shaped fruit with flattened top and curvy bottom.
It is a go to mango variety for most of the South Indian people. It is also an important commercial variety. Malgova trees naturally flower less, thus yielding less. However, Malgova fruit is big with lot of pulp. It is sweet, pulpy, round and big mango. It is has thick green skin with minor spots. Once ripen, its pulp turns yellow. It has very thick skin that helps this fruit in preventing damages.
Poet Azha. Valiappa wrote song about Malgova in Tamil as
மாம்பழம் மாம்பழமாம் மாம்பழம்.
மல்கோவா மாம்பழம்.
சேலத்து மாம்பழம். தித்திக்கும் மாம்பழம்
அழகான மாம்பழம். அல்வாபோல் மாம்பழம்.
தங்கநிற மாம்பழம் உங்களுக்கும் வேண்டுமா?
இங்கேஓடி வாருங்கள்; பங்குபோட்டுத் தின்னலாம்.
Which is a simple praise of Malgova Mangoes from Salem.
Mango, Oh Mango
Malgova Mango
Salem’s Mango. Sweet Mango.
Beautiful Mango. Mango similar to the taste of Alwa.
Golden colour Mango. Do you want?
Come running here; let’s share and eat.


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